The Steel Erection Bid Wizard is the Only Software On Market Created For Steel Erectors By A Steel Erector

Join dozens of your peers that have revolutionized the way they estimate. Take your estimating department digital with Steel Erection Bid Wizard. Only software on the market made for Erectors by an Erector.

Here are 9 Money-Saving Facts About The Steel Erection Bid Wizard

1. It’s the only software created by a Steel Erector, for Steel Erectors
I’ve been in this industry since I was 17 … went from apprentice to general foreman … running up to 160 ironworkers and doing $15 million (labor only) in annual sales … and I built The Steel Erection Bid Wizard to let you bid on jobs in half the time!

2. Complete Customization
Bid Wizard is fully customizable for your company. Tilt-ups, hollow-core, industrial work … all those types of tasks can be added.

3. Easily Adjust Production Rates
Tweak rates and check prices quickly and easily. Add the equipment you need, with all rates tracked.

4. Generate Powerful Reports
Track precise data on projects, anyway you want. The just print or email reports easily.

5. Keep a GC Database
Enter all your GCs into the system. After a takeoff, select GCs you want a proposal created for and print to PDF or email them out. Adjust percentages for each GC with a few clicks.

6. Send One-Touch Proposals
Generate up to 10 proposals per project at the click of a button. Auto-create proposals as PDF or email. Boom! Done.

7. Calculate Overtime
Tell SEBW the hours and premium cost. Done! Plus, you can tweak overtime rates or any other price, fast and easy.

8. Use it Anywhere
Steel Erection Bid Wizard is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere there’s Internet access — even on your smart phone!

9. Integrates Easily
If you use FabSuite, Bluebeam, Onscreen Take Off, eTakeoff or SDS/2, our software integrates with all of them.

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