Steel Estimating Solutions Is Integrated With These 9 Software's

Would Saving 50% To 60% Off Of Time Spent Doing Your Take Off 

Make Since To You?

After being on the market for 5 years and upon taking the Steel Erection Bid Wizard into a true windows base software I felt it imperative to  integrate with many of the takeoff programs, fabrication and modeling software's on the market.

I currently integrate with... eTakeoff, Bluebeam, OnScreen Takeoff, Planswift, SDS2, Tekla, StruMis and Fabsuite and always looking to expand that list.

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Since having the Steel Erection Bid Wizard on the market since 2012 I have talked to many fabricator/erectors over the years and have heard, over and over how they wish they could perform a fabrication takeoff and an erection takeoff at the same time. It was a hard nut to crack but with the ability of eTakeoff and a very knowledgeable fabricators help, that nut has now been cracked!

I think you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily save 50% to 60% in time spent doing your fabrication & erection takeoff with eTakeoff and compiling your erection price with the Steel Erection Bid Wizard. We can integrate with any fabrication software that imports excel files. An in the future will be working to have a direct link into those software's

Doing Takeoffs is not only something that every Steel Erector has to do but is something that every Steel Erector has to do well to stay profitable. In today’s world, it seems that every bid’s due date is just around the corner and so we rarely have the time we wish we had going over a projects drawings to insure we’re covered.

You can now perform your takeoffs electronically and import your Structural Steel Erection Takeoff directly into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard.

  • On Screen Takeoff allows for accurate, complete speedy takeoff information the way you want to see it
  • Steel Erection Bid Wizard provides a direct import function from On Screen Takeoff 
  • No written or data entry errors
  • No lengthy and redundant processes to slow down your bidding output.
 Faster Estimating, Better Results

Too many times as estimators we’re behind the 8-ball with the number of bids we’ve got to get out compared to the number of hours left in the day.

Generally speaking these are projects we’d like to bid on but just can’t seem to find the time to get to them.

By performing electronic takeoffs and importing this information directly into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard, you’ll find that the amount of time it takes to complete the bid process is greatly reduced giving you more time to get to the “other” bids you may have normally missed.

Check Out FabSuite & Steel Erection Bid Wizard In Action

Fabricators using FabSuite can now get and erection price immediately after completing there entries in FabSuite, by simply selecting the Steel Erection Bid Wizard report that is now built inside of FabSuite and then importing it into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard in a seamless process to get there steel erection price for project.

Check Out SDS/2 & Steel Erection Bid Wizard In Action

Integrating Modeling and Erection Estimates for Accuracy & Speed

Check Out Tekla & Steel Erection Bid Wizard In Action

Integrating Modeling and Erection Estimates for Accuracy & Speed