Steel Erection Bid Wizard - Training Introduction

In these video you will learn how to set up the Steel Erection Bid Wizard to help you maximize the best results in the set up process. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You will also see videos showing the most recent enhancements.

Watch Before Starting Training

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Recent Bid Wizard Enhancement Videos

New Feature: Production Rate Calculator

New Feature: Metric System

New Feature:  Dashboard Bid Win Ratio 

New Feature:  Bulk Bid Deletion and Display Units For Tasks


New Feature: Smart Fuel Calculator (Setup)

New Feature: Weather Projections (Overview)

New Feature: New Job Cost And Unit Price Reports (Overview)

10 New Features To Be Aware Of (Overview)

Steel Erection Bid Wizard Setup Videos

Step 1: Project Parameters (Settings)

Step 2: Wage Rates (Settings)

Step 3: General Conditions (Settings)

Step 4: Equipment (Settings)

Step 5: Tasks (Settings)

Step 6: Tasks Categories & Schedule (Settings)

Step 7: Adding Categories & Tasks (Settings)

Step 8: GC Set Up (Contractors)

Step 9: Bid List Review (Bid List)

Step 10.1 : New Bid (Bid List)

Step 10.2 : New Bid (Bid List)

Step 10.3: New Bid (Bid List)

Step 11: Project Reports 

Step 12: Project Bid Proposal 

Step 13: Integration  With Other Software

Step 14: Integration with On Screen Takeoff  (New Bid)

Step 15: Integration with On Screen Takeoff by Area  

*** To View "Project Management Wizard" Training Videos Click Link Below ***