Join dozens of your peers that have revolutionized the way they estimate. Take your estimating department digital with Steel Erection Bid Wizard. Only software on the market made for Erectors by an Erector.


Steel Erection Bid Wizard


Steel Erection Bid Wizard is a fully functional Windows – based software package. Estimate your bids more quickly and easier than ever before.


Benefits Of The Steel Erection Bid Wizard


View It All On a Dashboard


When you open Steel Erection Bid Wizard you’ll see your dashboard—a list of all your bids and dollar amounts at a glance. Every project that has been activated inside Project Management Wizard will be shown, along with easy-to-read completion percentages.

You’ll also see all the General Contractors you have uploaded into system, with their contact information at your fingertips. Access training here too, as well as tips and tricks.

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