I hope that 2018 has started off great for you. I just wanted to put out an update about the new enhancements that have just been released to the Steel Erection Bid Wizard.

There has been 10 Enhancements just completed with 6 more to come. It is looking like they will all be complete by the end of February.

Check out this video that gives a overview of what is new, as well as how the new enhancements function.

Here is a list of what has been completed and live in the Steel Erection Bid Wizard now.


  • Sticky header for the Task table in the Settings
  • Ability to move task around in setting under “Task”


New Bid

  • Ability to change the Bid ID
  • Pre-population of the bid sq.ft
  • Added another IMPORT option called “Tekla report”
  • Added another IMPORT option called “eTakeoff”
  • Adjust production rates in New Bid by task groups.
  • Unit Price report


Bid Proposal

  • The ability to add Bid Deductions in the Bid Proposal
  • To be able to round that up or down IE $298,000 or $298,400


6 enhancements that are still coming due out by the end of February 

  • New Project Report
  • Smart Fuel Calculator
  • Weather Projections
  • Tonnage Comparison
  • Ability Clone Bids
  • Ability to change Bid Proposal heading to Change Order Request
  • Job Number Placed on Bid Proposal


We are always working to move the Steel Erection Bid Wizard to the next level.

Don’t own the Bid Wizard? Learn more here http://steelerectionbidwizard.com


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Vince Hughes





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