Column Anchorage


This section addresses the hazards associated with column stability and, specifically, the proper use of anchor rods (anchor bolts) to ensure column stability. Inadequate anchor rod/bolt installation has been identified as a primary contributing factor to structural collapses.




  • All columns must be anchored by a minimum of 4 anchor rods (anchor bolts). [29 CFR 1926.755(a)(1)]
  • Each column anchor rod (anchor bolt) assembly, including the column-to-base plate weld and the column foundation, must be designed to [29 CFR 1926.755(a)(2)]:
    • Resist a minimum eccentric gravity load of 300 pounds located 18 inches from the extreme outer face of the column in each direction at the top of the column shaft.
  • Columns must be set on elements that adequately transfer the construction loads [29 CFR 1926.755(a)(3)]:
    • Level finished floors
    • Pre-grouted leveling plates
    • Leveling nuts
    • Shim packs
  • All columns must be evaluated by a competent person to determine whether guying or bracing is needed; if guying or bracing is needed, it must be installed. [29 CFR 1926.755(a)(4)]




  • Approval by the project structural engineer of record is required before anchor rods (anchor bolts) can be [29 CFR 1926.755(b)(1)]:
    • Repaired
    • Replaced
    • Field-modified
  • Before the erection of a column, the controlling contractor must provide written notification to the steel erector if there has been any [29 CFR 1926.755(b)(2)]:
    • Repair
    • Replacement
    • Modification of the anchor rods of that column


Shared from: Occupational Safety and Health Administration,


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