BZI's Joist Panelization Table Full Overview

BZI's Joist Panelization Table Setting One Panel

BZI's Man Lift That They Designed And Built

This was the 700,000 SQFT project S03990 Medline Distribution Warehouse 3770 Hogum Bay Dr NE Lacey WA

Steel Erector was BZI these guys using the Joist Panelization Table they developed, designed and built, basically hung the whole project and decked it in 25 working days with 22 men at peak. They averaged right at 30,000 SQFT a day without BuildMaster, it will be interesting to see what they do with BuildMaster and there system on the upcoming Sunset Project S03723

BZI is out of Utah and are all prior farm hands and it shows in there work ethic. They are very innovative as you can see with their design for there Panelization table as well as the man lift. One thing I learned on site that really shocked me is they cater in breakfast and lunch every day for their crew. I asked why and was told I would be surprised at how well men perform on a home cooked meal.

To say the least I'm beyond impressed with this company.