On this page you can see the true POWER of the Steel Erection Bid Wizard when it is paired with a digital takeoff program, like On Screen Takeoff.

In the below videos you will find the complete process of setting up a project in Onscreen Takeoff, doing the takeoff and then importing takeoff into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard where you will see price created, equipment added, task summary created, scheduled of values created, a project duration scheduled created and one touch proposals generated.

I created the videos where they are sped up so that the videos are not so long. In each video I will mention how long it took in real time to complete Bid. I think you will see beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can easily save 50% to 60% in time spent doing a takeoff and compiling your price with the Steel Erection Bid Wizard and a digital takeoff program like Onscreen Takeoff.

I will continue to add videos of takeoffs here, showing many different types of projects with varying complexity. So that you can see first hand by looking over my shoulder that complexity is not and issue when pricing with the Steel Erection Bid Wizard.

As they say the the proof is in the pudding... well my friend it's pudding time check out the videos!

PS... make sure you watch videos full-screen you can do this by clicking the full-screen tab at the bottom right of the video after it starts playing. Also make sure you click the setting wheel on bottom right of video and set it to 1080P so you can watch video in HD much clearer this way.

SEBW & OST Full Takeoff/Price Of A 120,000 SqFt Warehouse

SEBW & OST Full Takeoff/Price Of A 3 Story Community College


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