If You Ever Wondered If There Was A Better Way

These Erectors Will Confirm That There Is

"We have been using Steel Erection Bid Wizard since 2013. The program has a good format to capture the scope of work in the steel erection industry. We've had good success working through the few areas that we needed help with.

Vince is very good at communicating and resolving our issues when we needed support."

Kelly Hargett (President)
Ironman Steel

“Steel Erection Bid Wizard has allowed me to streamline my bidding process. It has also increased the organization and availability of my stored data. With the integration from OnScreen Takeoff I can more efficiently perform takeoffs, which saves me time and money, and transfer that information directly into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard. Generating an estimate with little too no adjustments necessary.

There are passionate individuals at STEEL ESTIMATING SOLUTIONS  who have helped me through the entire integration process and they are continually improving their programs with the customer's needs in mind.”

Damon King (Estimator/Project Manager)
Red Cedar Steel Erectors Inc.

"Thank You for the great Service with SEBW and OST. Your products have been great we are excited for the new software with Project Management interface.

You are always prompt and helpful with every need."

Dan Moore (President)
Pro Steel Erectors, Inc.

"I’m a graduate of the Construction Management Engineering program at UNC Charlotte.  During school, I had one class dealing with takeoffs, and one class dealing with estimating.  Needless to say, I didn’t learn near enough in two classes to completely prepare me for the real world.

Upon graduation, I was hired at the steel erection company that I interned with during college.  After “getting my boots muddy” in the field during my internship, and for a short period after graduation, I was promoted to the estimator/project manager position.  Initially, I was doing takeoffs on 24x36 drawings; “The old school way.”

I knew there had to be a better, faster, more economical way to do my job.  That’s when I came across Bid Wizard and On Screen Takeoff.  After watching the tutorial videos, I was interested to say the least.

Using On Screen Takeoff with Steel Erection Bid Wizard has made my job so much more productive.  What used to take me a week to do, now may only take a few days.  Once my takeoff is completed in On Screen Takeoff, I literally press one button on the keyboard, and my estimate is essentially completed.

I still like to take my quantities to my spreadsheet with my company’s unit prices just to compare with Bid Wizard.  99% of the time, the two estimates side by side are within 5% of one another.

The learning curve from looking at hard drawings with highlighters to digital drawings with a keyboard and mouse didn’t take long at all.  Vince was actually in the area when we purchased OST and Bid Wizard, and he came by to give a quick introduction.

I’m really happy with the software I have in On Screen Takeoff and Bid Wizard."

Zach Burick (D.S. Duggins Welding Inc.)
D.S. Duggins Welding Inc.

"We started using Steel Erection Bid Wizard in the summer of 2015.  We are based in the NW, where there are a lot of great erectors, as well as stiff competition between union and non union business models. 

We picked up OST and SEBW as a package to utilize the awesome take off capabilities of OST and import our take offs directly into SEBW.  Vince was critical to our success in getting off the ground.  His instructional videos on YouTube are great, and he was quick to return phone calls with additional questions.

Our first bids were not successful, but SEBW allowed us to "test" the market safely and get feedback from GC's on our methodology.

We've now picked up several jobs and margins are looking good!  Without Steel Erection Bid Wizard, we would not have gotten our steel erection department off the ground."

Denny LaVe (Managing Member)
Precision Precast Erectors, LLC

“The Steel Erection Bid Wizard has worked well for our company thus far. Vince trained and helped us through the process and he was very informative and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond responding to our questions in a timely fashion. The program has allowed us to save time and money.Thanks Vince!!”

Jim Whaley (Operations Manager)
Whaley Steel LLC

“The Steel Erection Bid Wizard is a great product and it helped our bottom line since our purchase. This program is simple to use and accurate”

Derick Jones (Managing Partner)
Harris County Ironworks LLC

"I wanted to take a moment to update you on our Steel Erection Bid Wizard. The addition of your program has been a great asset to me and my staff and we had no problem getting up to speed and using it.

We have been able to accurately track all aspects of our projects that are bid with the program. Your attention to detail in writing this program is unparalleled.

Thanks for all of your support in setting the program up and the customization of it. I am looking forward to the upcoming software update."

Darrell Stone (Sales Manager)
Shellste Metals, Inc.

“The Steel Erection Bid Wizard is fairly easy to use and requires little to no training time. The erection process is broken down into several tasks and it allows you to input your labor, equipment and overhead costs. It has a mark-up feature to allow you the chance to see how much a true mark-up puts on your work. If you enter all the tasks and have a good idea of what your costs are, it gives you a good baseline to establish an estimate. Once you learn how to adjust it to your conditions it can be a very good tool to have. Vince is very responsive if you have any problems or need assistance with the program.”

John E. Janecka (Owner)
Panther City Iron Works

"I have come from bidding old school,  paper and pen  2 years we went digital and I have found Steel Erection Bid Wizard and OST to be extremely fast and user friendly.  In this time, we grew 100% each year and going into this year with our books full! Here at FSW we are honored to have these two software's in our office and going to ride this to the top! Our thanks to you Vince!"

Victor Garcia (CEO)
Flawless Steel Welding LLC.

"When I first purchased SEBW I thought it was a bad purchase and had buyer’s remorse because we are primarily a miscellaneous metals fabricator. However, I liked the data and how it was evaluated and found myself going back to it again and again to review the data. I also learned that I could customize the task and its labor rates to fit my needs and applications. I now have my own version of a Master and use it frequently. We are glad we did purchase SEBW  and look forward to the new release."

Brian Smith (Owner)
Unlimited Welding

"Steel Erection Bid Wizard has been extremely beneficial to us. With the integration with OST the estimating time has literally been cut better than half, even with the learning curve. Making adjustments, changing/adding to your takeoff, and schedules is easier than ever before. This software easily beats the old school methods and is much more accurate. We will continue to use this for as long as we are in the steel erection business. Vince has also been a great help, any questions we have had have been answered within two hours. Usually Vince responds within the hour. He is easy to deal with and very knowledgeable of the software. Thanks for everything Vince."  

Dawson Westfall (Structural Steel Executive Manager/Estimator)
Performance Steel Erectors