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Steel Erection Bid Wizard is THE comprehensive, detailed, solution you have been searching for.
Seeing is believing, review the advantages below then grab the FREE demo video.

  • Created by an Erector for an Erector
  • Reduce the time it takes to estimate by 50% or more
  • Tried & true production rates for labor, crane & weld time
  • Easily adjust production rates to fit your company
  • More than 300 built-in tasks, ready to go out of the box
  • Ability to create your own categories and add new tasks
  • Generate one-touch proposals with complete automation
  • Integrate's with multiple takeoff & fabrication software's
  • Peace of mind

Manual estimates are slow. Digital estimates are blazing fast!

Many erectors are no doubt pros at manual estimates, but they spend several more hours than they would with the incredibly powerful Steel Erection Bid Wizard.

Making the switch from manual estimates going from using the yellow pad, pen and calculator or spread sheets, to a digital estimate is easy because we designed the Steel Erection Bid Wizard to be very SIMPLE to use. Digital automation radically reduces human error.

There is right at 300 tasks with tried and true productions rates attached to them, but the sky is the limit, as you can add as many tasks as you want. Upon entering your companies wage rates and equipment rates during the set-up process you then simply enter or import your takeoff for project. The cost of the project is then automatically calculated accurately for you in seconds. Plus so MUCH MORE!!!

It’s simple: you NEED the Steel Erection Bid Wizard

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Learn what over 250 Steel Erectors know that you don't.
  • Damon King (Estimator/Project Manager)
    “Steel Erection Bid Wizard has allowed me to streamline my bidding process. It has also increased the organization and availability of my stored data. With the integration of OnScreen Takeoff I can more efficiently perform takeoffs, which saves me time and money, and transfer that information directly into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard. Generating an estimate with little too no adjustments necessary."  
    Damon King (Estimator/Project Manager) Red Cedar Steel Erectors Inc.
  • Victor Garcia (CEO)
    "I have come from the old school of bidding with paper and pen,  2 years ago we went digital and I have found Steel Erection Bid Wizard to be extremely fast and user friendly.  In this time, we have grew 100% each year and are going into this year with our backlog full! "
    Victor Garcia (CEO) Flawless Steel Welding LLC.
  • Dan Moore (President)
    "Thank You for the great Service with SEBW and OST. Your products have been great we are excited for the new software with Project Management interface. You are always prompt and helpful with every need."
    Dan Moore (President) Pro Steel Erectors, Inc.
  • Kelly Hargett (President)
    "We have been using Steel Erection Bid Wizard since 2013. The program has a good format to capture the scope of work in the steel erection industry."
    Kelly Hargett (President) Ironman Steel
  • Denny LaVe (Managing Member)
    "We started using Steel Erection Bid Wizard in the summer of 2015.  We are based in the NW, where there are a lot of great erectors, as well as stiff competition.  We picked up OST and SEBW as a package to utilize the awesome take off capabilities of OST and import our take offs directly into SEBW.  Vince was critical to our success in getting off the ground."
    Denny LaVe (Managing Member) Precision Precast Erectors, LLC
  • Jim Whaley (Operations Manager)
    “The Steel Erection Bid Wizard has worked well for our company thus far. Vince trained and helped us through the process and he was very informative and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond responding to our questions in a timely fashion. The program has allowed us to save time and money. Thanks Vince!!”
    Jim Whaley (Operations Manager) Whaley Steel LLC
  • Darrell Stone (Sales Manager)
    "I wanted to take a moment to update you on our experience with the Steel Erection Bid Wizard. The addition of your program has been a great asset to me and my staff and we had no problem getting up to speed and using it. We have been able to accurately track all aspects of our projects that are bid with the program. Your attention to detail in writing this program is unparalleled"
    Darrell Stone (Sales Manager) Shellste Metals, Inc.
  • Dawson Westfall (Structural Steel Executive Manager/Estimator)
    "Steel Erection Bid Wizard has been extremely beneficial to us. With the integration with OST the estimating time has literally been cut better than half, even with the learning curve. Making adjustments, changing/adding to your takeoff, and schedules is easier than ever before. This software easily beats the old school methods and is much more accurate. Vince has also been a great help, any questions we have had have been answered within two hours. Usually Vince responds within the hour. He is easy to deal with and very knowledgeable. Thanks for everything Vince."  
    Dawson Westfall (Structural Steel Executive Manager/Estimator) Performance Steel Erectors

Quick Guide to Steel Erection Bid Wizard

Steel Erection Bid Wizard is proven to streamline all estimates. You will be able to bid in less than a half of the time you did with paper, pen, and calculator, and greatly improve your company’s ability to track data of all bids.

Steel Erection Bid Wizard uses more than 300 built-in task, attached to tried and true production rates, to make estimation a snap… Get immediate estimates of your costs—including labor, cranes, welders, fuel and equipment.

Replace manual estimates that cost you hours in time and thousands in cash, put a system in your hands that will allow you to put your vast knowledge into it, and hand that knowledge down to up and coming estimators in your company.

Quick Guide to Project Management Wizard

In the past it’s always been a challenge to know exactly where you are on a project… That is until it’s complete or close to being complete. That’s a problem. So how can you know in real time, whether you’re turning a profit or not?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know in real time how your project is tracking with your bid—and know whether you’re making money or losing money?

Problem SOLVED…

With Project Management Wizard you now have the ability to know exactly where you are at in real time—so you can start every day knowing exactly where your costs are on all of your projects. Plus so MUCH MORE!!

There’s something to be said for doing “old-school” estimating and bidding. That’s how I was taught.

I took a lot of pride in my manual approach …

… until I realized how much time I was wasting.

I was making it hard on myself by doing take offs and bids manually.

SEBW has production rates attached to over 300 common steel erection tasks. Labor, crane, weld time -- all included. And you can easily adjust those rates to fit your company.

It’s a simple 5-step process ...

  1. Do your take off and enter it into the program
  2. Enter the average crew size for the project you’re bidding
  3. Enter the equipment you need
  4. Set your profit and overhead percentage
  5. Done! You’ve got a project bid

It’s that simple.

That’s why over 250 Steel Erectors say it beats the old school way like a red-headed mule:

“Steel Erection Bid Wizard has been extremely beneficial … estimating time has literally been cut better than half. This software easily beats the old school methods and is much more accurate. We will continue to use this for as long as we are in the steel erection business
- Dawson Westfall (Structural Steel Executive Manager/Estimator), Performance Steel Erectors

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Learn what over 250 Steel Erectors know that you don't.