In this video series, we will go through step by step what you need to know to set up and use eTakeoff to perform a Steel Erection takeoff. I have broken up each section of the process, to make it easy to view what you need to fall back on after our initial eTakeoff training that you get after you have purchased eTakeoff from Steel Estimating Solutions.

You can click on each subject below and it will open a page with a video regarding that subject.

  1. Setting up Drawing Folders ( 3:26 minutes)
  2. Importing Drawings (2:14 minutes)
  3. Labeling Drawings (2:19 minutes)
  4. Setting up Quick Access Tool Bar and Sidebar (2:58 minutes)
  5. Setting up Global Tools
  6. Installing Plugin
  7. Setting Scale on Drawings
  8. Setting up Search Areas for Auto Counting
  9. Setting up Detail Pages
  10. Taking off Count Tasks
  11. Taking off Linear Ft Tasks
  12. Taking off SqFt Tasks
  13. Auto Counting Beams
  14. Auto Counting Shear Studs
  15. Auto Counting Kickers and X-Bridging
  16. Copying Typical Items to Speed up Takeoff
  17. Setting up Areas/Floors
  18. How to Export Takeoff Report
  19. How to Edit Traces
  20. How to Add New Folders and or New Traces
  21. New feature Work Breakdown

Steel Estimating Solutions

Vince Hughes


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