Steel Erection Best Practice for Sequencing 

  1. Find out from GC the direction they are constructing project.
  2. Figure division’s size, based on crane size and most productive path.
  3. Request interior access in advance if needed.
  4. Team effort between GC, Erector and Fabricator.

Sequencing of projects is a critical component to a successful project. There are different terms used when talking about sequencing IE… division’s, zones an areas.

It is best to get with the General Contractor to learn what direction they are planning to take in constructing project. Upon getting the GC direction, the Erector needs to figure what size the division’s need to be based on his crane size (for reach) what direction he wants to move to be most productive. Also needs to request interior access if it is needed.

Once the Erector has his game plan he then needs to meet with fabricator in order to get steel sequenced in the correct fashion. If sequencing is to be implemented on project it is important to get with the fabricator in a timely fashion, so they can fabricate according to the desired sequence.

For sequencing to flow smoothly it really takes a team effort of the GC, Erector and Fabricator. It becomes even more critical when you are working in a tight site with no lay down room.


Steel Estimating Solutions

Vince Hughes



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