Installing Stairs & Landings

Stairs and Landings can be a simple process or have many challenges depending on the time spent laying out and setting up to erect stairs.

  • Verify that the stair shaft is square and is the correct dimensions the drawing shows.
  • The layout of the first stairway is critical as the rest of the stairway will build off of it.
  • Weld lifting eyes on stair fights and landing (if required) before crane is set up to erect them.
  • Work hard at having the stairs and landing on site while steel is being erected for two reasons. 1. When installed it helps for crews to get to place of work safer and easier. 2. Hanging stairs with a crane is much easier and less costly then hanging by hand from underneath deck.


Steel Estimating Solutions

Vince Hughes



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    • Kobus Duvenage

      Check what changed during the construction process. Often floor finish and levels change resulting with a higher start than your original 0.00 level for design.
      The grating on 1st floor could change to concrete.
      Checking levels before erection is critical and safe a huge amount of standing and remanufacturing time

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