STRUMIS Now Integrates With Steel Erection Bid Wizard

Steel Estimating Solutions is excited to announce that STRUMIS now imports into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard

STRUMIS, has taking this integration to the next level. With their development they have made it 100% possible to capture all structural and miscellaneous items with in their software and view it within a model allowing you to very simply assign any unassigned objects., generate a report that will import into the Steel Erection Bid Wizard and give you an erection price in a matter of minutes. And whats most important you have the ability to do 100% customization to what the task are called in the Bid Wizard as well as within STRUMIS. Which puts you in complete control!

This opens a world of possibilities when it comes to getting an erection price for a design build project. You will now be able to know immediately, how changes to structure effects erection cost. It will also allow a fabricator to very quickly check erection prices that they are receiving from erectors with very little effort on there part.

For those Fabricator/Erectors out there that have embraced technology to its fullest can now use StruMis to compile there erection prices and no matter the size of project, and can generate a price in minutes based on what is in the model.


Video Of  STRUMIS And Steel Erection Bid Wizard Integration

STRUMIS connects, streamlines and simplifies all of your steel fabrication projects and now with the integration with the Steel Erection Bid Wizard you can get your steel erection price in seconds. This new integration is powerful… beyond measure for those who embrace the direction our industry is headed.


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Steel Estimating Solutions

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