Steel Erection Best Practices Series

Over the coming month Steel Estimating Solutions will be doing a series on Steel Erection best practices there will be 25 sections regarding this topic. It is by no means an end all, I will say these best practices served our company very well for many years.

If you are just getting started in the industry my hope is you will find some value from this series to help you move forward and for those that have been playing the game for sometime I hope that you may find a nugget or two 🙂

In the following sections we will cover the best practices for Steel Erection

  1. Preparation For Steel Erection
  2. Safety
  3. Plans
  4. Sequencing of Steel
  5. Pre-Erection Meeting with key personnel
  6. Site Visit
  7. Site Specific Erection Plan
  8. Pre-Job Meeting
  9. Cranes and Equipment
  10. Common Pitfalls Steel Erectors Face
  11. Intro To Unloading & Shaking Out Steel
  12. Unloading & Shaking Out Columns
  13. Unloading & Shaking Out Beams
  14. Unloading & Shaking Out Joist and Joist Girders
  15. Unloading & Shaking Out Deck
  16. Unloading & Shaking Out Miscellaneous Steel
  17. Unloading & Shaking Out Stairs
  18. Intro To Erecting Steel
  19. Erecting Columns
  20. Erecting Beams
  21. Erecting Joist
  22. Metal Deck
  23. Installing Miscellaneous Steel
  24. Installing Stairs & Landings
  25. Erection Crews Sizes


Preparation For Steel Erection

Preparation is key to the successful outcome of any project. It is a time for all Key players to come together and make a plan to perform project safely, with quality, timely and profitable.

The time spent in preparation is by far one of the most important task an Erector will do to make the outcome of the project a success.


Next post topic will be Safety…


Steel Estimating Solutions

Vince Hughes



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